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For more information contact Valerie Templin

cell: 918-429-9925


Sales Associate (10 years experience)


Buyer's Agent,

Listing Agent,


I am a sales associate for Talihina Realty, Talihina, Oklahoma, a dynamic and hard working group of professionals. We love selling Southeast Oklahoma and the Talihina, Oklahoma area is the 'hub' of Southeast Oklahoma.
This is where outdoor life is family entertainment!
Southeast Oklahoma is Mountain Country and not too many of us realize how special that is. We enjoy the mountain views from the mountain or looking up to the mountains, or playing on a lake or river, that seems to be or good way to live for me, my family and my neighbors. We all have night time tales of the wildlife we have encountered in these mountains, also.
I have been a farmer and business owner. I understand the ranch, the wholesale farm and the market farm, along with brick and mortar or online. Talihina is in a position to grow in technology. We have the room and the capacity along with a work force.
The small hobby farm can easily be accomplished here, a neighborhood of permaculture practitioners, or CSA growers could all be established here.
We have a large population that  lives outside the small annexed area of the town of Talihina, OK. Citizens travel 30 miles to come to the grocery store, medical or feed.
This is a good time to invest in our area.
I now live on the mountain with no fences or market crops up in the Pines and wind. The summers are hot enough for my bones, the winter is sunny and mostly dry. If you want a new place to live over in the winter, this is it. Fall is beautiful and spring is sweet. Come see us at the Busy Little Office in the Mountains.

Talihina Realty is Located at 802 Dallas Street in Talihina, Oklahoma

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